The research group CREAM is focused on constructive realizable methods for signal and image analysing and processing, on expansion algorithms using frames and sampling sets and on modelling different types of real world applications.

Current group members:

  1. Prof.  univ.  dr.  habil.  Darian M. Onchis – TEAM LEADER
  2. Lecturer. dr. Codruta Istin – MEMBER
  3. BSc. & MSc. Simone Zappala – MEMBER

Outside members and collaborators:

  1.  Prof.  univ.  dr. Pedro Real – University of Seville

Detection of the mandibular canal

On July a paper on the detection of the mandibular canal in orthopantomography using a Gabor-filtered anisotropic generalized Hough transform submitted to the journal Pattern Recognition Letters.